Appellate Law

Providing Exceptional Representation in State and Federal Appellate Courts

Trial court judges carefully evaluate the legal issues in a given case and generally make reasonable decisions based on the applicable law. However, trial court judges are not infallible and occasionally commit errors of law. While litigants have the right to appeal, it is crucial to retain the services of an attorney who can prepare well-reasoned arguments to the appellate court.

At the law office of Joseph H. Gruner, P.C., attorney Ronald Cohen handles all phases of appellate representation, from notice of appeal to final decision. His exceptional research and writing skills, detail-oriented approach, and extensive courtroom experience are ideally suited for the work of an appellate lawyer. Mr. Cohen handles civil and criminal appeals in state courts across New York State and federal courts.

Preparing and Presenting Compelling Arguments to Appellate Courts

An experienced appellate lawyer can provide tangible value, whether you wish to present an appeal or preserve the trial court’s result. Mr. Cohen has successfully argued appeals for both petitioners and respondents.

Before preparing an appeal, your lawyer must be able to thoroughly analyze the trial court records and determine the issues that can form the basis of appeal. Mr. Cohen will carefully review the trial record and narrow down the issues that could lead to a successful appeal. If there are viable grounds to appeal, he will work tirelessly to create powerful and persuasive arguments.

As your appeal progresses, Mr. Cohen will provide regular status updates. All in all, Mr. Cohen’s depth and breadth of experience, combined with his personalized approach, make him a strong choice to handle your appeal.

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